Mountains and the Sea

Lynette Lombard

Mountains and the Sea
Las Montanas y el Mar

June 1-30, 2011
Reception Friday, June 3, 19-21 horas

Lynette Lombard’s new work focuses on expansive views of the Spanish and Midwestern landscape. Each painting presents multiple points of view while maintaining sensations of rising, falling and twisting terrain. Idiosyncratic geometries and chromatic light build a weighted, visceral experience of place. Lombard incorporates Max Beckmann’s stacked spaces with Karl Schmidt-Rottluff’s weighted, pulsating colour relationships. Together these influences allow her colour and drawing structure to make land masses compress and squeeze against each other while water and sky stretch into open expanses.

All land is charged with history. Currently, the land Lombard is most engaged in painting is land at the crossroads-  the mouth of the Mediterranean- a land historically inhabited by Jews, Arabs and Christians, which is now either abandoned scrub grass with gigantic boulders or dotted with irrigation ponds that fuel new citrus orchards carved into the desert. A land in transition.

In contrast, the Midwestern landscapes are painted from inside looking out into an urban space- where moments of nature are squeezed between tarmac and concrete. These paintings of a tree, cars and snow banks at times, eliminate the foreground so, you fall into a destabilizing space. Lombard finds plastic, rhythmic organic forms within pictorial tensions.

As a landscape painter, Lombard works directly from the motif. Her work evokes a primary sense of confrontation and connection. The mediated digital world collapses space and Lombard’s images are a form of activism because she brings us back into the experiential. She is interested in a slow unfolding as an image opens up and allows for a space of contemplation. In that space sensations and memories merge, connections and meanings are revealed.  It is where the fragile and sometimes disturbing become actual and tangible and conjure a spirit of place.

Lynette Lombard received her MFA from Yale University, her B.A. Honours from Goldsmiths’ College of Art, University of London and attended the New York Studio School for two years. Lombard is an Associate Professor of Art at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. She has had 15 solo shows and over 40 group shows nationally and internationally.

She has received several research grants from Knox College, a Mellon Grant to Berlin, the Philip Green Wright-Lombard Award for Distinguished Teaching and was a finalist for the Gottlieb prize. She has exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Mojacar, Spain, the Lakeview Museum, Peoria, IL, The Painting Center (curated by Ro Lohin) NY, the Midwest Paint Group,  Artemisia Gallery, Chicago, The New York Studio School (curated by Karen Wilkin, Dore Ashton and Bill Jensen),The Paul Mellon Arts Center, CT and Trinity Christian College, Chicago.

Ms. Lombard has also taught at the Chautauqua Institute School of Art, the Ox-Bow School of Art for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and was a visiting artist at the International School in Montecastello di Vibio, Italy. Her work is in the Sir Issac Hayward Collection, Hayward Gallery, London, the Collum Davis Library Bradley University Collection and is in several private and corporate collections.

Lance Esplund, art critic for Modern Painters, Art in America wrote “ Lombard’s collisions of color convey the activity and immediacy of the artist’s eye as it darts from motif to palette to canvas in an attempt to rein in